What is Biotin – Vitamins and Supplements?

Biotin and vitamins B. The enzyme, also known as vitamin H. , And diabetes, nail crisp, and other conditions are sometimes used for biotin.

Why do people accept biotin?

Biotin plays an important role in the body. Healthy skin, nerves, digestive system, metabolic and supportive cells. Biotin can also lead to renal failure or diabetes, such as peripheral neuropathy, such as neuropathy, which may be helpful in certain types of treatment.

Biotin supplements, treated as a variety of conditions. Who from type 2 diabetes patients, early research is biotin and chromium offer, can improve the combination of blood sugar. Biotin, insulin resistance, and more research must be related to type 2 diabetes, can reduce neurological symptoms. Some preliminary evidence suggests that biotin can help strengthen the nail brittle. Biotin and other five, hepatitis, hair loss, depression like condition – not test or support.

However, most people do not need to add biotin. We have natural food biotin. Our body is already using biotin. Real biotin deficiency is very rare.

Pregnant women, and biotin sometimes low levels, so the need for certain biotin supplements. Revenue and risk are not clear.
What is biotin?

Medical Research Institute is biotin (AI) enough. And supplement the diet, whether this amount should be sufficient to support your health.

Category Biotin: Adequate Intake (AI)
0-6 months 5 micrograms/day
7-12 months 6 mcg/day
1-3 years 8 mcg/day
4-8 years 12 mcg/day
9-13 years 20 mcg/day
14-18 years 25 mcg/day
19 years and up 30 mcg/day
Pregnant women 30 mcg/day
Breastfeeding women 35 mcg/day

Depending on your situation, your doctor may recommend a higher dose. Diabetes, for example, with chrome mg 600 micrograms of the company.

In fact, the high level of biotin is just safe. Researchers are not aware of the health risks at the dose of biotin.

Can you get biotin natural food?

Biotin is present in many natural foods. Wheat germ, whole grains, whole wheat bread, eggs, dairy products, peanuts, soybeans, sharing all sources of Swiss, salmon, chicken and biotin.

Biotin risk

  • Side effect
    Biotin is safe and happy, even to a certain extent, high level, visible. The highest safe dose of biotin.
  • Risk
    If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a physician before using biotin supplements. Do not miss the prime, unless you suggest your pediatrician.
  • Affect each other
    If you regularly have any medication if you want to take biotin supplements talk about your doctor before using it. Some drugs will reduce the effect of biotin. Most drugs, including some antibiotics to reduce the level of biotin, on the contrary, it can be. Some epilepsy drugs can reduce the absorption of biotin. Added, lipoic acid, biotin may need to be increased. Regular consumption of raw egg white can reduce the level of biotin in the body.


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