Oil of Amber

Amber was once one of the most respected in the world of ancient medicines. She does not appear in the country and deal with any problems, with everyone, it was Crespo and healing properties. WWE diarrhea, a variety of recommended diseases, including bleeding and amber. Hippocrates stated ambergris for many diseases, including active experience. Magnus horse Albers six drugs in “very effective in amber.” is an

In ancient times, amber and sun related. Many people wear their different attitude with the goal of protecting themselves from the sun, in order to create a talisman of amber. The energy medicine of solar energy, it is clear, is an amber oil that can easily cope with the confrontation of such things as a panacea for exchange and oil fund, mental, emotional and mental and physical reproduction.

All persons physical and physical functioning of amber oil. This allows to improve the general health of organs and hazardous waste from the kidneys, liver, spleen, to cleanse the body, a powerful antidote to the intestines. Effective in the treatment of kidney stones, gallsteanes, will help to remove these deposits of amber urine and painless. If the stimulating effect on the bladder, it is very effective against urinary tract infections, ambergris, is clear. Lung work, this is to relieve asthma attacks, overburden and helps open the nasal cavity. Different types of anemia, blood can be used to treat cardiovascular disease, and it can even increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Amber is a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect for strengthening the nervous system and cognitive systems.

Amber is very important for the implementation of the administrative body, the immune system. Amber is traditionally used to treat various thyroid diseases, but it also provides a healthy Ping Heng of all the endocrine system. Amber against aging and recovery is well known, one can see that in their ability to be able to wounds, faster than the elasticity of the skin, restoring the spiritual meaning of the body.

Mentally strong viability of individuals of a true amber oil. Amber, vigilance blamed the growth of oil consumption, were scattered, and an intuitive understanding of the body and mind, as a rule, expressed gratitude for life. Emotional disorders, I am clearly and slowly. , Illatayateate Garden, mixed with a different back, it’s easy to find an inner world that allows individuals to exist. Terpenic personal data, in essence, are in amber oil. These drugs are most likely in a deep state of meditation on the brain that is observed, yoga training hippeacampal & thetas rhythm, and try to help. In this state, the information helps to improve the absorption of the amber oil of the mind and memory commission. It helps to bring the body and mind, it’s up to the state to live and work, can reduce stress hormones.

Amber physical and mental, is a treasure of traditional Chinese medicine. Baltic amber oil used in the production of our carbeanijati’on amber. Pay attention to how they could do it just like any other entity. Use it as a perfume to attract attention. Healthy skin, hair, organs and promote the endocrine system, internal and external use it.

The essence of the most influential of gold, oil and honey.

Use of oil

Physical symptoms:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Uterine and menstrual cycle problems
  • Endeametri’osis.
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Create
  • Liver and kidney poisoning
  • ulcer
  • strong
  • Kidney / pebble
  • Total pain
  • Hemateapathy
  • heart disease
  • asthma
  • hysteria
  • Thyroid problems
  • Sinus congestion and inflammation
  • Cataract
  • Small (pink eye)
  • clear vision
  • memory loss
  • General inflammation

Emotional problems:

  • fear
  • depression
  • Social anxiety
  • Connection problems
  • Lack of direction
  • Life arthamillaymayeyunkuricc
  • Extreme self-criticism
  • Child Behavior
  • Pessimistic outlook
  • In obsesi’ons
  • addiction
  • Anger / art
  • Hidden thoughts and feelings
  • Qiang sad or sad sadness
  • price
  • Lack of creativity
  • confidence
  • Others evade guilt / innocence



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