Physicians, Others Urge Lawmakers to Reject Cigar Bill


Messages from 42 medical institutions in the country, with the support of FDA this week, and all members of Congress, urging them against the law that frees the so-called “luxury cigar,” including the number of cigar aroma Organization Act 2009 tobacco control.

Earlier this month, Sen. Bill Nelson (Florida g) returns Act (S. 294), which is co-financed by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), eight in the Senate. Support for the legislation the House of Representatives – H.R. 564 -. Rep Bill Posey began in mid-January. (R FL).

Heart Disease and Clinical Oncology important signing of the American Association for Cancer Research Institute and the American Association of US public health and medical professionals, saying American Heart Association, which was sent to members of the State Council on Thursday, a second group of 38 House of Representatives this week, for a while.

And it confirms that the exemption “undermine tobacco control laws established to determine the appropriate level of control over tobacco products in a process that is based on a scientific basis.”

“The law, which controls the FDA specifically exempted cigars, including the cost of only $ 1.00, you can also get some exceptions flavored cigars cheap cigars taste.” Sticky Sweet watermelons, “Rush,” “tropical” and Chocolate letter cigar young attractive way.

He said Dr tobacco Hospital Association American Cancer Harold J. Farber constant in Houston Texas children, “control cigars for the protection of children,” vice-president, told MedPage Today, exchange e-mail.

He added that the aggressive marketing to attract young people from tobacco and cigars flavored confectionery industry.

“This does not include the management and supervision of cigars means open to new tobacco industry-addict,” he said. “In order to protect our youth, it is important to maintain and FDA – and movement – the ability to regulate all tobacco products – including cigars”

According to country risk behavior of young people in 2015, the study found that the CDC smoking – high school age boys who smoke cigars now – big cigars, cigarettes, cigars, a little short.

2009 provides the authority of the Law on Tobacco FDA to immediately cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, or giving tobacco products, including cigars interim Health and Human Services the authority to study further harm them.

In May 2016, after years of research, the FDA approved electronic cigars and cigarettes, administration and other tobacco products regulators unregulated.

The letter states that the Congress of the process, the FDA concluded that exclude cigars from FDA regulation and Drug Administration, there is no reason for public health.

Health Group wrote, “should be excluded from any tobacco product to control – and certainly not cheap, fragrant cigars”

“Tobacco companies change their products for the prevention and protection of public health or even historically low rates We fear that the inclusion in the agrarian bill for fiscal 2017 to 294 define a policy and a large number of drivers exclude cigars from time to time with the cigar manufacturers to change their products or change. manufacturing process in order to qualify for relief. “

About the American Lung Association, Erika agricultural MedPage Today excludes any tobacco products, including cigars, spokesman for the FDA on behalf of Supervisory basic “Honey arrangement for the tobacco industry, which came to the economic health and well-being at the expense of our people.”

“The American Lung Association and the guy from the public health and medical science, we stand together, denied the law.” “The cigars of death, cause of the disease, and members of Congress in the tobacco sector for the health of the voters in the first place.”


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