Do It Yourself: Terrarium and hanging baskets

A green head, but at least make the garden space, so how lush and beautiful plants make their own mini world full roof, is not it? Southern hemisphere, of course, the plant air quality, dependable winter blues remember, surrounded by greenery to help improve the way. Terrarium production is very simple, low-maintenance garden, can last almost forever. We had a week in a variety of sizes and seven areas that I do not believe they are collecting good shape. You refuse, or rest on our old DIY is not easy to read.


  • A transparent glass bottles, vases, bowls, bottles, glass bottles or interesting hands
    Rocks, stone or recycled glass blocks
  • (Sometimes in the form of activated carbon), activated carbon
  • Soil for your plants bushy
  • Moss (optional)
  • Shapes, sticks or decoration (optional)
  • Several small plants
  • Spoon, spoon or paddle
  • scissors
  • glove

Drop shipping container antique shops, or just around the house, playing on an old pot. Even simple jelly jars or canning jars, as well as a beautiful terrace. And they can be completely open or closed. All other supplies can be purchased at a garden center.

Plants, sky is the limit, but in general, a small jar and can not be placed in the care of the plant. Some plants are coming back here, you can break them. They require different amounts of water and soil, because, limestone, please succulents and cacti and tropical plants and ferns, to ensure the success of the store as well as people. Everything you cacti and old potting soil, ground fresh daily. Rock drainage layer and the activated carbon can be used for the decoration of glass healthy moss helps to maintain and helps absorb and retain moisture.

Step 1: Prepare the container

Any Price tag or sticker Well any plant health effects, to ensure clean the balance of the external cleaning. Jar visualize how you want your plants.

Step 2: drainage layer

Once at the bottom of the container filled with stones or bricks. The drainage layer in order to create false, so that flood waters can be solved by the plant. The depth of the stone completely depending on the size of your container, but the purpose is “2.” 1/2

Step 3: Activated Carbon

Coal, as you would expect, it was chaos. Sometimes, the small particles is bonded to the other. You do not have enough to cover a lot of things. Coal, bacteria, fungi and odor reduction, in particular to improve the quality of the world.

Step 4: Clay

More than most other plants, cacti and succulents require special soil, you can use the bag to ensure that the factory can. There is enough space for the growth of plant roots and customizable, so add enough soil. Plant height is slightly greater than the depth.

Step 5: Installation

When you get down to the root of your plants until the clay pot is hard to knock out the ball. You have a few pieces, then it can sow the medium. They are especially long, you can scrap the roots; Do not worry, they will grow. A spoon, fingers, brushes, pens, and at the end of the roots of plants, dig a pit. Add more pressure on the soil and the soil around the plants. The plants were placed in a small container and tried to keep him on the side. Can be exposed on both sides of the blade, but the goal is to keep them as far as possible.

Step 6: Add attachments

After planting, which form seaweed, old toys, glass beads, shiny metal objects, sticks, stones, rocks (dried or live), or even add some other small accessories. It’s your world, so you can put anything you want there.

Step 7: Clean Water

You may have an edge dirt container, and then wipe down, so you can enjoy the beautiful world of the living room. Crystal ball a little water. This is only the beginning of the water took a few photos: with most of your houseplants do not need a crystal ball wet.

Tips and Tricks

  • Over time, depending on how dry your crystal ball of soil moisture monitoring. Glass container with the lid closed, for example, the drop-top to bottom, lift the lid to evaporate some of the. Also, you may need to add more if it looks dry. You do not need frequent watering.
  • Dead or withered leaves from the chassis, they immediately in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem of small delete. The whole plant dies, and then removed.
  • Hold the device in direct sunlight. Remember, Petty Cash through the glass absorbs heat and direct sunlight essentially burned and plants. Please indirect light for best results.
  • So you love your little world, you can give it away, the other!


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