Toronto CIO and His Colleagues Are Looking For Leading Technology

BAK, CIO hospital 多伦多亨伯 River, his vision of the digital transformation to share

650-bed hospital Humber River in Toronto, Ontario, CIO Peter Buck, and the use of various techniques resulting in the efficiency of doctors and staff, to improve the condition of patients to improve their results clearly showed initiative. Construction of the new facility is certainly what if three other separate campuses and facilities of aging problems remain, leading to both opportunities and challenges, how to Humber Healthcare together with all-digital converter are calculated. Sell other procedure, Barker and his colleagues have a partner and sales ideology steel wool Toronto, for a “platform for application-oriented” to establish how the park is seeking the efficiency of physical resources to maximize maximize the efficiency of movement and non-clinical staff the new facility -klinis improve.

Behind the last chief medical information yet Mark Hagland Humber hospital experience in this digital transformation journey speak further. The following are excerpts from an interview.

What did you and your colleagues and what led Solution?

Humber three separate hospital campuses, puts them in separate hospitals. The government owns and operates a hospital here. So the hospital merger, are building is very old, dating from 1940 in Toronto with 850,000 inhabitants, population growth and significant event service. This work is simply not capable of handling the growth of tea. So a group of executives agreed that more space and new facilities need, and we have funded, and evolved into a new 650-bed facility.

When you open a new facility?

Before the middle was in October 2015, almost a year and a half opened. In this line of 12 years from the beginning of the open door. We celebrate, senior manager of the construction of the new hospital to see the ball; instead of this old model of care, as we would do things differently?

So there are two aspects of the design elements are different, and digital options. The whole world is going digital, but the question is, what is this, what does it mean? I was in year 2009 as a consultant taken, he asked what the digital hospital? So why? You are trying to improve or repair? That is the meaning of the efficiency, quality and safety. Therefore, continuing every organization or industry better and better incentives to find advantages of the digital technology decisions to make. And somewhat obvious statement, but margins, not everyone felt that way.

What is a search on a practical level considered?

To see how we can do more, better, or different hospitals here, from semi-private rooms and wards as a normal shift of Canada, a patient’s room. So is that the speed of the physical location and you pretty remarkable. The second thing is that we want from you in the middle of the hospital and the fan-out walk in different regions of Pitti shift through the door. We said, no, let’s see, you have a special connection or in the lobby of the airport model. So we end up with a different design, as we usually see in the hospital. The third factor is the energy hospital inherent energy pork prices. Community hospitals are usually very high energy users. We see it, we have more energy-efficient buildings because it can save money. So, these are some of the key drivers to try to save power consumption will be in the hospital, that great body of work. Incidentally, not the minister not have the money, do not get a bigger budget is only the body increases. So, how do you think the same or better energy? So we have to technology to help us. This is a great driver, we are looking to technology.


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