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It is often the work of a South Sam Rayburn Bayer: “Without education mule second ball.” President Trump months later, it is unclear if it does not learn from the fourth Liberal Party.

For four straight election cycle, Democrats studied linguistics and cognitive psychology and ignored the most effective way to convey the feelings of other people telling stories. Instead, the Democratic Party partners and relevant organizations in Washington always mandatory “data-driven” activities, rather than declare a message-driven data and knowledge. The four consecutive victories in Monaco, the Democratic Party suffered a historic loss.

After the 2008 election, Democrat Barack Obama learned of the victory, his success he has better data blame all the wrong lessons. He had better data, it helps, but I think he won because he is a more suitable candidate, and there is a good news, through storytelling better choice.

I’m not a Luddite. I was in politics CSL my job at MIT, as a long-term Democrat strategist, I appreciate the data to win the sport can play a role. But I also know that the data is not a substitute for the message, it is a tool, and direct through.

The Democratic Party has allowed Microtargeting microscopic thought process. Each cycle, we will talk to fewer and fewer people have less and less to say. We all know the result: the Senate, 13 governors lost control of 63 seats and 11 seats in parliament and the loss of control of the loss of parliamentary seat and the loss of control of 27 state legislative chambers 900 countries,

Despite then losing weight, emotional story and the story we plan to double down the cost of data-driven movement will continue.

Considering the number of Bill Clinton. It was 2016, the campaign Bill and Hillary Clinton for economic white working-class voters, as well as the message “rising American electorate” (young voters, communities of color and white women only) the ability of reporters, but could not get anyone Brooklyn him. They have to answer all the questions. It is a data-driven movement. Bill AL- school campaign than a story, rather than data-driven responsibility.

I felt his pain. Unless the Democrats soon began to change, we still feel pain the election.


If the problem is important Democrats, the challenge is not new. Above the clamor is “data-driven” approach, to accept the “best practices” that many party device-specific problems has driven element encourages activities. In 2000, for example, Al Gore’s presidential campaign is no shortage position papers, but it will be a challenge (best) to tell what the message of the campaign. In contrast, the 2008 election and Obama “hope and change” is not just a slogan, but a message frame presented by all participants.

For decades, I question the way it was to teach my political mentor, with a memorable metaphor: the issue of information available to lend Christmas activities, he said. Accessories make the tree more festive, but no trees, no tree, no matter how much you have or how beautiful they are designed. The problem may run for the story before, but a summary of your campaign message, no matter how many problems, advertisement or position papers presented.

Storytelling achieved complete humanization of the most effective means of communication. This is unlikely to change in the specialist neurophysiology sure, a great way to tell the human brain in the midst of the function path ( “The human brain is a story of the processor, rather than a logical processor, “as a social psychologist Jonathan Hite written).

Storytelling scientific evidence of effectiveness is wide. Taking into account the 2004 book, not an elephant, where he was professor of applied linguistics field of strategy policy analysis George Lakoff of Berkeley, pointed out that “all we know, our bodies and brains described” this by-frame process language “. the spirit of the structure, the way we look at the shape of the world”

Persuade voters to challenge existing frameworks is no small task. 


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