What is a Web Site?

Site is linked pages, including multimedia content, often identified a common domain, and publishing collection at least one network server. A site may be such as the Internet or a private local area network (LAN), referring to the color information to identify a website (URL), access (IP) network via protocol Internet.

Generic information can be used in different ways, a site can be a personal website, corporate business website, government or nonprofit site. Site can be a person, company or other organization, usually dedicated to a particular subject or purpose, to provide information and education of animation and communication. All collectively referred to as World Wide Web sites, and private information, such as the website and the staff of its company, is usually part of an intranet.

Page, which is building block sites, documents, usually in raw text interspersed HTML formatting instructions (HTML, XHTML). They may contain tags from other sites of the appropriate anchor. Find pages and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) transport, if necessary using encryption (secure HTTP, HTTPS) to ensure security and privacy for users. User applications, typically a web browser, according to its HTML markup instructions to the content of the display presentation of the terminal’s page.

Page and hyperlink hyperlink to guide readers to the site structure and navigation between the website generally contains content from the home page of the directory begins. Register as a user or another registered site to receive the content. Examples of subscription sites include many corporate sites, parts of information sites, specialized magazine sites, gaming sites, file sharing sites, forums, e-mail and the web, Social networking sites, real-time data site on the stock market, and the website a variety of other services. In 2016, the end user can be a variety of devices, including access to websites and desktop computers laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones and smart TV.



World Wide Web (WWW) is concerned about the British physicist Tim Berners – Lee created in 1990. April 30, 1993 announced that the World Wide Web can be used freely concerns everyone. The introduction of HTML and HTTP protocols such as file transfer protocol, and before retrieving individual files from the server for the Gopher protocol. The protocol provides navigation for the user, and select the file you want to download a simple directory structure. As a general rule, it presented in the document as a simple text file format does not, or the format of word processing.


Generic information can be used in different ways, a site can be a personal website, business websites, government websites or a nonprofit site. Site may be a person, business or other organization, usually dedicated to a particular subject or purpose. Any site may contain links to other sites, so that the distinction between different sites, as perceived by the user, it can be difficult to see the difference. Website is written, or converted to, HTML (HTML hypertext), and classified as a user agent to use the software interface is available. Web pages can be viewed or accessed from multiple devices, or do a variety of sizes, including desktops, laptops, PDAs and mobile phone by Internet computer. A Web site hosted on a computer called a Web server, also known as an HTTP server. These terms can also refer to run on those operating systems it needs, and in response to the user’s software page from the application site. Apache is the most used web server software (according to Netcraft statistics) and Microsoft IIS are also commonly used. Other methods, such as Nginx, Lighttpd and Hiawatha or Cherokee, it is lightweight, functional.

Static Website

Static site is sent to a server having a format for storing browser clients from web pages. It is HTML (HTML), the main code; Cascading style sheets (CSS) to control the look beyond basic HTML. Images used


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